Specna Arms SA-46 CORE Light Machine Gun Replica

    Specna Arms

    Introducing the SA-46 CORE™ Machine Gun Replica by Specna Arms, a revolutionary addition to the airsoft market. Crafted to meet the expectations of beginners and seasoned players, this replica stands out for its exceptional quality at an attractive price point. The CORE™ light machine gun features a balanced material composition, integrating polymer for weight reduction and enhanced manoeuvrability, coupled with robust metal components for durability and robustness. Its versatile design encompasses a quick barrel disassembly system, foldable steel bipod, adjustable tactical stock, and RIS/Picatinny 20mm rails, offering tactical advantages and spaces for mounting accessories adding personality to the replica. With an easily adjustable power system, reliable internal parts, and an extremely high-capacity magazine for minimal reloading and maximum pew’ing, this replica promises an elevated airsoft experience.


    • Power: 330fps (approx.)
    • Length: 92cm
    • Weight: 5.51Kg
    • Threads: 14ccw
    • Wiring: front

    The set includes:

    - replica

    - box magazine

    - vertical forward grip

    - User’s manual

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