Specna Arms SA-J08 EDGE Carbine replica

    Specna Arms

    SA-J08 EDGE Carbine Replica

    EDGE™ is a line of replicas by Specna Arms that combines an array of solutions and technologies hard to find in other replicas on the market. It is a series that puts stress on very good craftsmanship of the exterior, solutions that improve upon the versatility of the replica, prolong its lifetime, simplify the diagnostics of a malfunction as well as facilitate the possibility of a power tuning. Straight out of the box you get a replica that does not require any modification, however, if needed - they will be extremely simple. 

    Specna Arms J-Series™ carbine replicas are made mainly of steel. Steel elements include the receiver, dust cover, external barrel, trigger guard, magazine latch, fire mode selector plate, gas pipe, muzzle device, tactical sling loop on the stock, rear sight, cleaning rod, stock latch, stock as well as pins and rivets. Remaining metal elements were made of a Zinc and aluminum alloy with a special coating used for their finish gives the replica a very realistic appearance. Similarly to the live firearm original, the pistol grip and the magazine were made of polymer, while the stock, handguard and the gas pipe shroud were made of lacquered wood.

    Replica Features:

    - receiver made of a steel sheet

    - steel, one-piece external barrel

    - metal Hop-Up chamber

    - precision, internal barrel with a diameter of 6.03 mm

    - quick spring exchange system Enter & Convert™

    - the set includes additional M90 main spring

    - muzzle device mounted on 24 mm CW / 14 mm CCW thread

    - “dovetail joint” side mounting rail

    - realistic construction in VFC system based on pins, levers and pegs.

    - plenty of room for a Stick battery under the dust cover (LiPo ready)

    - frame stock, foldable to the side of the receiver

    - elements made of natural, lacquered wood

    - magwell spacer insert to faster magazine reload

    - originally designed mid-cap S-MAG magazines

    The implemented in J-Series™ carbine replicas quick spring exchange system Enter & Convert™ enables a rapid and quick adjustment of the power of the replica to the conditions expected on the playing field without the need for access to a workshop or a set of special tools. Once the gearbox has been taken out of the replica’s body, the process of spring change lasts literally mere seconds - all that is required is to take out the guide along with the spring through the opening in the gearbox frame.

    Replicas are compatible with majority of magazines by Cyma, JG, E&L, Bolt, using other brands magazines may require some modifications. The set includes two original, polymer S-MAG mid-cap magazines for 130 BB's each.

    J-Series™ airsoft replicas are powered by Gearbox ORION™ V3 that is characteristic for its high reliability at stock. The mechanism is prepared for further tuning and cooperation with M140 main springs. Inside, there are elements such as:

    - reinforced polymer piston with a full, steel jaw

    - aluminum, double air-sealed cylinder head

    - aluminum, double air-sealed piston head with bearings

    - ball bearing spring guide

    - set of steel gears

    The set does not include a battery or a charger.

    The set includes:

    - a replica

    - 2 x S-MAG mid-cap magazines

    - additional M90 main spring

    - User’s manual

    - certificate

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