Specna Arms SA-X02 EDGE 2.0 HT (Half Tan) SMG

    Specna Arms

    SA-X02 EDGE 2.0 HT Submachine Gun Replica

    The EDGE ™ is a series of Specna Arms replicas that combines a wide range of innovative solutions that are difficult to find in other replicas currently available the market. The series focuses on a very good external build, solutions increasing the replica's versatility, longevity, facilitating failure diagnostics, and susceptibility to power tuning. Straight out of the box you will get a replica in which you won’t have to make any kind of modifications, unless you want to - which will be remarkably simple. 

    The X Series is Specna Arms' answer to the widespread trend of AR-15 based submachine gun replicas. Due to its compact size and top tier workmanship, the replica is an excellent choice for CQB games. Additionally, the replica can be effectively used as a sidearm for a sniper or an LMG operator.

    The replica comes equipped with an adjustable PDW stock. The PDW stock is a convenient solution thanks to which the replica retains its compact and ergonomic properties.

    The SA-X02 also comes equipped with an M-LOK front licensed by Strike Industries.  The barrel is finished with a standard muzzle device. Foldable iron sights were placed on the top RIS rail. 

    The replica has a build in 6.03 mm diameter internal precision barrel, which will ensure perfect accuracy and precision of shots. A new type of rotary Hop-Up chamber is compatible with the precision barrel, which allows for more precise and stable adjustment of the BB’s precision and accuracy. 

    The Helium ™ Flat Hop bucking, which was installed in the replica, will improve the stability of the BB’s and make the shots even more accurate.

    The replica uses a quick-change spring system, ESA™. It allows you to quickly and efficiently adjust the power of the airsoft replicas to the conditions expected on the field of play without the need for access to a workshop or a number of specialized tools - just unscrew the flask guide to show access to change the spring without having to pull out, or disassemble gearboxa

    The advantages of the ESA™system are difficult to overstate. In light of the arrangements that exist within the environments themselves, this system guarantees the user significant possibilities and a lot of freedom. The ESA™ system makes it possible , with aminimum of time, to replace themainspring and, consequently, to adjust the discharge velocity of the airsoft replicas to the area of play so as to guarantee an ideal compromise between the efficiency of fire control and the safety of oneself and other players. Also included in the box with replica is a second spring M90 mainspring, which is perfect for indoor gameplay.

    The heart of the replica is the ORION gearbox based on a reinforced chassis and equipped with the main spring release function. The replica straight out of the box has a number of very high-quality parts, thanks to which it maintains a very good work culture and is prepared for further tuning. ORION Gearbox is made to work with M140 springs. Inside the replica there are such elements as:

    - reinforced polymer piston made of steel

    - light, polymer, double-sealed piston head with bearings

    - aluminum, sealed nozzle

    - aluminum, double sealed cylinder head

    - a spring guide with bearings

    - a set of steel gears

    - 8mm ball-bearing

    The replica also uses a powerful and efficient High Torque motor equipped with strong neodymium magnets. The motor has a 22TPA (Turn Per Arm) winding and can easily handle springs stronger than those included in the set.

    The ASTER ™ system is the little brother of the well-known TITAN ™ unit. This fourth generation of AEG control systems has been designed for the majority of electric replicas equipped with the V2 gearbox, including those that are heavily tuned. ASTER ™ will allow you to achieve maximum reliability at an affordable price. This system is characterized by an extremely favorable price-performance ratio.

    Thanks to the ASTER ™ system, you can improve the replica by replacing the contacts with an advanced controller equipped with innovative optical sensors, which offers up to 250 trigger sensitivity settings. Quick response to the trigger and many other useful functions will allow you to gain an advantage on the airsoft battlefield. A smart eletric fuse protects the battery, motor and controller, even with reverse battery connection. This feature, coupled with the optical sensors, make ASTER ™ the most durable drop-in chip on the market today.

    ASTER ™ opens up new possibilities:

    - protection against battery reverse polarity

    - innovative optical sensors

    - 250 trigger sensitivity settings

    - possibility of configuration using the replica's trigger or the GATE Control Station application

    - built-in RGB LED for easy system programming

    - premium functionality at a fair price

    The EDGE 2.0 ™ replica series has a dedicated trigger, called the Solar ™ Trigger that works perfectly with the sensors of the ASTER ™ system, offering unprecedented sensitivity and precision. The new Specna Arms trigger is licensed from the Gate Quantum Trigger ™.

    Note!Some functions of the ASTER ™ system are available in the GCS (Gate Control Station) application, which requires USB-Link (not included - purchased separately).

    Full system description: https://www.gatee.eu/pl/produkty/aster/ast2-pl

    ASTER ™ user manual: https://www.gatee.eu/download/aster-v2-quickstart.pdf

    The replica comes with two S-MAG mid-cap magazines with a capacity of 120 BB’s each. The S-MAG is an exclusive polymer magazine designed by Specna Arms. The characteristic texture of the Specna Arms logo on the magazines is something noteworthy. S-mag ensures trouble-free feeding of BB’s, even at high ROF.

    The set does not include a battery or a charger.

    The set includes:

    - replica
    - 2 x S-MAG mid-cap magazine
    - additional M90 main spring
    - user manual
    - certificate
    - GATE ASTER ™ diagnostic card
    - tactical grip

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