Tippmann Burst Wizard 4 Programmable Mosfet


    Tippmann Burst Wizard Plug & Play Programmable Mosfet

    • Adjustable 1-9 round burst. Programmable ROF of burst (0.005 sec intervals)
    • Programmable for up to 3 consecutive 3-round bursts with one trigger pull
    • Usable via plug'n'play or hardwired trigger switch bypass
    • Full auto burst delay (0.1 sec intervals)
    • ROF adjustment
    • ROF reduction has no penalty on trigger response time
    • MILSIM round counting functionality (semi auto, full auto, and burst)
    • Magazine capacity setting
    • 1~15 sec delay for magazine reset / "reload"
    • LIPO low voltage cutoff
    • Motor soft start
    • Trigger switch arcing reduction
    • Sniper mode delay (0.2 sec increments)
    • Active braking
    • Super low resistance wires
    • Permanently stores user settings
    • Piston pre-cocking function
    • Adaptive smart reset-able fuse
    • Supports voltages from 7.4v to 16v
    • Micro switch safe

    Connector Type: Small Tamiya
    Dimensions: 1.3" x 0.6" x 0.35"
    Compatibility: For all Airsoft AEG gearboxes

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