Tippmann M4 Basic spares kit


    For use with Tippmann M4.

     Pack includes 1 TA20065 Grease Pack

    1 LUBE Oil Pack

    1 98-12A O-ring, C.U., 90A, 2-0192 TA50029 Pin Detent2 TA20049 O-Ring, C.U., 70A, 2-0062 TA30049 O-Ring, C.U., 70A, 2-0082 TA20096 .150″ I.D. X 0.037″ C.S., O-Ring, C.U., 70A1 TA50139 10-32 x 3/16″ LONG BHSCS1 TA50095 SHCS #6-32 X 1/4″1 TA50110 H.U. Pusher1 TA50146 Front Bolt Spring1 TA50014 H.U. Bucking

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