Tokyo Marui 1911 MEU .45 SOC Gas Blowback Pistol

    Tokyo Marui

    The Tokyo Marui MEU 1911 pistol, hailing from the land of airsoft, is the epitome of precision and efficiency in the airsofting world. Tokyo Marui's renowned high build quality ensures that this pistol stands as one of the market's top contenders for accuracy and reliability. Fuelled by green gas, this sidearm boast exceptional efficiency, allowing for multiple magazine reloads before requiring a gas refill. Its renowned adjustable hop-up system, enhancing BB range with adjustable backspin tailored to various BB weights. The MEU 1911 also sports a rear lanyard loop and a unique metal trigger, contributing to its unique character.

    Safety is also a key feature in the MEU 1911. It features a beavertail safety mechanism to prevent accidental firing when not handled correctly and in the correct position. Additionally, it incorporates an ambidextrous slide lock safety, catering to both right and left-handed shooters. For anyone seeking a high-quality sidearm with remarkable range and accuracy, this offering from Tokyo Marui is the perfect choice.

    The Tokyo Marui MEU 1911 also features textured rubber grips, alloy trigger, and an impressive semi-automatic snappy, gas blowback action. It's built with an eye for precision and attention to detail. The green gas magazine can hold 28-rounds, ensuring you're well-equipped for any battle. Branded with Tokyo Marui's signature attention to detail, this replica is a top-tier choice for airsoft enthusiasts.


    • Power – 280fps
    • Length – 22.3cm
    • Weight – 0.843kg
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