Tokyo Marui 416 Delta Custom Black NGRS rifle

    Tokyo Marui

    The 416 Delta Custom is based on the original assault rifle designed and manufactured by Heckler & Koch and customised by Delta Force.  It’s design is based on the AR-15, specifically the Colt M4 Carbine family.

    The 416 Delta Custom is widely used by a number of armed forces, special forces and police forces.

    This item is not an official licensed product by HK, Your item will not arrive with trade marks.

    Tokyo Marui HK416 Delta Custom Next Gen Features:

    • Next Generation Recoil Shock Series
    • 290 FPS (Can be upgraded)
    • Full Metal Body
    • Safe, Semi-Automatic, Fully Automatic*
    • 82rnd Magazine Included
    • Auto-Stop When Magazine is Empty
    • Functioning Bolt Catch
    • Weighs in at 3.2kg
    • 72cm/82cm Stock Retracted/Stock Extended
    • 14mm CCW Threaded
    • 20mm Rail System
    • TM SOPMOD Battery – Not supplied. we recommend a modification to use std 7.4v Lipo batteries.
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