Tokyo Marui AK Storm next gen recoil NGRS

    Tokyo Marui

    Experience the pinnacle of airsoft realism and reliability with Tokyo Marui's "recoil shock" system. These AEG rifles are hailed as the finest on the market, delivering an unmatched level of authenticity and design. Every shot is accompanied by a distinctive snap, adding a sense of recoil to the trgger action. When your magazine runs dry, the rifle won't fire, mimicking an empty chamber. To resume firing with a fresh magazine, you'll need to engage the bolt catch. This combination of features makes it one of the most realistic AEGs available.

    Crafted with die-cast metal and stamped steel components, this rifle ensures robustness and longevity. The polymer front rail and stock tube contribute to weight reduction without compromising strength. The replica also includes adjustable front and rear sights allow for precise targeting, and the 14mm CCW-threaded muzzle accommodates muzzle device attachments like suppressors or tracers. An included 90-round stamped steel magazine, designed for use with the auto-stop system, completes the package. Furthermore, a magazine adaptor permits the use of Tokyo Marui standard AEG AKS47 magazines, although this won't enable the auto-stop system.


    • Power: 300fps
    • Length: 715fps
    • Weight: 2.98kg

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