Tokyo Marui M870 Breacher Gas Shotgun

    Tokyo Marui

    M870 Breacher Shotgun Replica

    The M870 Breacher , produced by the iconic Japanese company Tokyo Marui, will be a real treat for lovers of CQB games (and not only!). The replica has been equipped with  3 inner barrels , thanks to which  it fires, depending on the mode: 3 or 6 BBs at the same time.6mm ammunition is loaded into  a dummy shell  with a capacity of 30 BBs, which is then placed in the chamber - this provides additional realism and the possibility of effective reloading - the "shell" of the used shell automatically falls out of the chamber after releasing the lock. 

    The green gas tank is located in the pistol grip and has the form of a pull-out "magazine". The system is very economical  and economical to use - one gas charge allows you to fire about 50 shots! Intuitive operation is possible thanks to the placement of the safety and the chamber flap release right next to the trigger guard.

    The replica was made almost entirely of metal - including the body, RIS rail and outer barrel. The charging grip and the pistol grip are made of polymer plastic. The top RIS 22mm mounting rail with a length of 140mm will allow you to equip the shotgun with, for example, optical sights. Compact, incredibly solid construction and compact dimensions are other advantages of the M870 Breacher. The shotgun is devoid of a stock, which makes it ideal for operating in tight spaces, it also allows for its concealed carrying or transport.

    Gas powered replicas by Tokyo Marui have been famous for years for their excellent reliability and Japanese, perfect workmanship of internal components - this is a class of its own.

    The replica also fits 30 BB shells from other manufacturers, e.g. GFC Guns and Double Eagle, ASG etc.

    The kit includes:

    - replica
    - 30 BB shells
    - green gas tank
    - instruction manual

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