Tokyo Marui Xtreme 45 Gas Blowback pistol

    Tokyo Marui

    Introducing the Tokyo Marui Xtreme 45 GBB pistol, a powerhouse sidearm designed to leave a lasting impression on the field. This Gas Blowback pistol combines a striking silver slide with impressive performance features that set it apart from the other high-end options out there. One standout feature is its fully automatic capability, allowing an incredible rate of fire that will make opponents think twice before shooting again.

    Safety is a top priority, and the Xtreme 45 ensures it with a beavertail safety mechanism, preventing the pistol from firing unless properly gripped and secured. Additionally, a slide lock safety comes into play when holstering the weapon ensuring no play in the slide. The front of the pistol sports a rail for attaching accessories, giving you the edge in low-light or close-quarters scenarios.

    The pistol also features a textured grip making it very nice to hold with or without gloves. With a custom trigger design and distinctive branding, this pistol is a standout addition to your airsoft gear. If you're a sniper, the Tokyo Marui Xtreme 45 GBB is the perfect companion, offering both power and speed to level the playing field when adversaries close in on your minimum engagement distance.


    • Power – 280fps
    • Length – 20cm
    • Weight – 0.65kg
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