Vorsk CS Hi-Capa Vengeance Black/Silver


    Introducing the Vorsk Hicapa CS-Vengeance (with a fashionable silver tint), a remarkable addition to Vorsk's Custom Shop lineup that brings both style and innovation to the world of sometimes dull airsoft sidearms. Designed as a race-platform pistol, this Hi-Capa variant takes things a step further with the introduction of a floating BDS (Blowback Delay System). Available in a range of distinctive colours setting it apart from the rest.

    Compared to Vorsk's standard 5.1 Hi-Capas, the CS-Vengeance offers notable improvements. It features a new adjustable rear iron-sight for precision aiming in harsh conditions, an extended magazine base plate for improved ergonomics, and the innovative floating BDS option. The slide's unique design showcases forward cut-outs that reveal the fluted outer barrel beneath adding uniqueness to the replica. A thoughtful addition to this Hi-Capa is the included Flash-Hider, which secretly covers a 12mm (CW) to 14mm (CCW) thread adaptor, making the CS-Vengeance attachment ready with lots of 20mm under-barrel real estate for anything you so wish.

    Your Vorsk CS-Vengeance arrives in a magnetically sealed box with Velcro patch holders and a Manual sleeve, making it suitable for anything you want including display and storage. With its distinct features and stylish design, the Vorsk Hicapa CS-Vengeance is a true standout in the airsoft world.


    • Power – 320fps
    • Length – 20.9
    • Weight – 0.874kg

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