WE 1911 Hex Cut In Silver GBB Pistol


    Introducing the WE 1911 Hex Cut in Silver Gas Blowback Pistol, a true masterpiece of modern design that breathes new life into the timeless 1911. Made with impeccable style, this airsoft replica is not just a sidearm; it's a statement. The full metal construction gives it a substantial, realistic feel that any airsofter will truly appreciate.

    Featuring a vigorous blowback action, this pistol delivers the kind of authentic experience that sets it apart from the rest of the 1911 replicas out there. Additionally, the adjustable hop ensures you can fine-tune your shots for precision, a critical factor on the battlefield in the heat of the moment. Whether you prefer Green Gas or 134a, this pistol can take both with ease.


    • Power – 320fps
    • Length – 21cm
    • Weight – 0.739kg
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