WE F226 P-Virus Gas Blowback Pistol


    The WE F226 is a remarkable pistol for those who have precision and performance in their gameplay. This pistol boasts a highly realistic appearance, complete with a striking black and silver finish. Notably, it features an authentic blowback action, providing an incredibly immersive shooting experience that will impress everyone at the field.

    Its magazine holds an impressive 30 rounds of BBs, ensuring you have ample ammunition to engage your opponent’s effectively with some to spare. It's worth noting that the WE F226 is optimized for use with green gas or Nuprol 3.0, making it an excellent choice for cold weather conditions. This adaptability makes it a reliable sidearm that performs even when the temperature drops which us players in the UK know that happens all too much.

    Whether you're a seasoned airsoft veteran or just starting your journey into the world of airsoft, the WE F226 offers the perfect blend of realism, performance, and customisation, ensuring you're well-equipped.


    • Power – 290fps
    • Weight – 0.9kg
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