WE Makarov 645K 16rnd Magazine - Black

    WE Makarov 645K16rnd Magazine - Black is a spare magazine for WE  Makarov 645K Pistols. The magazine is constructed entirely from Alloy and features an Alloy Base Plate, making the magazine durable and more resistant to drops. The magazine is double stacked, and holds up to 16 rounds. The magazine is a perfect spare or replacement for the standard magazine for the pistol, and is great for those Airsoft players who want to spend more time in-game before having to stop and reload all their magazines. This is a must have purchase for any Airsoft player who runs a Pistol Only CQB loadout, allowing you to fire for longer, and carry more rounds.For 645K MakarovFull Alloy DesignAlloy Base Plate
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