Xcortech X3200 Mk3 chronograph (Chrono)


    Xcortech X3200 Mk3 chrono

    The MK3 is the newest version in their chrono line with updated sensors for industry-leading precision on muzzle velocity, rate of fire, and energy calculations. This chrono has all of the XCORTECH features that have made them famous: Extremely easy to use menu system with backlit LED display, compact and portable design, easy access battery compartment for quick swaps when needed, and aftermarket screw mounted tripod compatibility. XCORTECH improved upon their previous MK2 design by switching to longer-lasting AA batteries as well as adding the ability to be powered by an external micro-USB cable. It's large front-facing port has been integrated into the body to make the chrono more compact and reduce the need for screwing on an external funnel. Most importantly, this chrono now features 14 sensors, 6 more than the MK2 verison making it that much more accurate. If you need to know exactly how fast your airsoft guns shoot, this is the chrono to get!   Features:

    • Measures Muzzle Velocity, Rate of Fire, and Energy Calculations (Joules)
    • Interative Menu
    • Backlit LED Screen
    • Power-Saving Functionality
    • Battery or USB Powered
    • 14 Internal Sensors
    • Tripod Mounting Compatible


    • Velocity Measurements from 30-400 M/S (100~1400 Feet per Second)
    • Rate of Fire Measurements from approximately 100-5000 BBs per Minute
    • Powered by 2 AA Batteries OR optional Micro USB Cable (5V/0/5A) (not included)
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